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April 1998

New Hires

Front row (left to right):
Xiaoyan Deng, computer operator I with SCD. ML room 29, ext. 1200.
Penny Sadler, graphic artist with IDC. ML room 030Y, ext. 1163.
Artamis Hooshmand-Parsi, student assistant I with NCAR Director's Office. ML room 520F, ext. 1102.

Back row (left to right)
Annick Sauvageot, administrative assistant with Contracts. FL1 room 2051, ext. 8876.
Jennifer Kolar, graduate research assistant with ASP. ML room 296, ext. 1692.
James Skaife, database administrator/applications developer with F&A. FL1 room 2048, ext. 8897.
Hans Friedli, senior research assistant with ASP. ML room 288D, ext. 1395.

(left to right)
Sabine Wurzler, postdoctoral researcher I with MMM. FL3 room 3029, ext. 8909.
Daniel Riemer, visitor with ACD. ML room 490A, ext. 1885.
Marc LaTourette, educational designer I with COMET. FL3 room 1014, ext. 8320.

Other New Hires

Kevin Fuell, visitor with VSP. 301-713-2809.
Janet Hopper, administrative assistant with ESIG. FL2 room 2015, ext. 8120.
Lynn Mortensen, visitor with JOSS. 202-314-2231.
Peitao Peng, project scientist with JOSS. NOAA, 301-763-8155.


Karen Friedman, 30 January
Marlene Furmanek, 27 February
Gary Grunwald, 26 February
Cain Marion, 5 March
Louisa Nance, 26 February
Richard Powers, 6 March
Del Vicker, 31 December
Bin Wang, 28 February
Ryan Weekley, 20 February
Arthur Winterbauer, 25 February

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