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March 1998

New Hires

front row (left to right)
Robert Beasley, aircraft mechanic I with ATD. Jeffco, ext. 1035.
Sheila Thomas, administrative assistant with CGD. ML room 202, ext. 1322.
Kathleen Rice, engineering aid with FSS. ML room 55, ext. 8532.
Elise Pendall, postdoctoral researcher I with VSP. NOAA, 303-492-5792.
Jason Romero, student assistant II with COMET. FL3 room 1051, ext. 8355.

back row (left to right)
Michael Newchurch, visitor with ACD. ML room 367, ext. 1422.
Cain Marion, food service generalist with FL cafeteria. FL2 room 1072, ext. 8545.
Thierry Emonet, postdoctoral researcher I with HAO. FL2 room 3016, ext. 1565.
Brad Sandor, postdoctoral researcher II with ACD. ML room 380B, ext. 1449.
Michael Forbes, network engineer I with SCD. ML room 31H, ext. 1299.
Jeremy Hackney, associate scientist with HAO. FL2 room 3083, ext. 1590.

(left to right)
Shannon Aguilar, administrative assistant with FSS. FL4 lobby, ext. 8620.
Scot Colburn, network engineer I with SCD. ML room 31F, ext. 1845.
Donald Kolinski, associate scientist with HAO. FL2 room 3069, ext. 1548.

Other New Hires

Christos Michalopoulos, program specialist with JOSS. OSS, 202-395-7600.
Daniel Riemer, visitor with ACD. ML room 490A, ext. 1885.
Jack Calvert, senior research associate with ACD. ML room 376A, ext. 1435.


Norman Archer, 9 January
Donald Cline, 19 January
David Galloway, 20 January
Paul Ginoux, 31 January
Patria Lanfranchi, 16 January
Julia Lee-Taylor, 31 December
Stephen Madrid, 8 January
Daniel Maes, 22 January
Momcilo Markus, 30 January
Deborah Martin, 15 January
Laura Morreale, 19 December
Martin Muller, 31 January
Robert Niece, 12 January
Connie Nyffeler, 16 January
Anton Seimon, 12 January
Oskar Steiner, 16 January
Stephanie Tiller, 12 January
Wilma Travnicek, 23 January

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