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February 1998

Put a lid on it
(your bike, that is)

If you were a bike, you couldn't ask for a groovier pad. These storage units, called Bike Lids were installed last November on the south side of FL4. Each of the nine lids, made of polyethylene over a steel shell, flips up on a spring-assisted hinge at one end that's attached to a steel base. This allows one or two bikes to be stored on either side of a rack inside. The bikes can be locked to the rack or secured by locking the lid itself in its "down" position (or both). Because the new lids are great for bikes, but not much use for anything else, they could help thwart the scofflaws who have used the bike lockers at ML and FL for storing everything from snow tires to fertilizer for weeks at a time. Another new development will please users of the older lockers. Dean Lindstrom (Facilities Services) has been working with Jack Fox (Design and Fabrication Services) to design new hasp-type locks that will replace the current lock-and-key system within the next month. "This will eliminate the long delay for replacing locks when either a key is lost or a lock is broken. More importantly, these hasps will prevent lockers from being pried open," says Dean. Bikers will use their own standard U-locks or padlocks with the new hasps. As always, the lockers are intended for daily use only--one of the policies and procedures to be spelled out in guidelines being affixed to each locker. •BH

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