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Volume 33, Number 2 -- February 1998

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On the Mogollon Rim of Arizona, between Flagstaff and Phoenix, sits one of the few schools in the world named for an atmospheric scientist. The Chester Newton Charter & Montessori School was founded last year in Camp Verde by Dr. Betty Chester, the niece of the senior research associate in CGD. Coincidentally, her last name is his first, which helped lead to the school-naming decision. "I'm the first doctoral degree holder in the family and she's the second," says Chester Newton. While in Arizona for the American Meteorological Society meeting in mid-January, Chester (left), accompanied by his centenarian mom, visited Betty (right) and the school's 32 students in kindergarten through second grade. "We had great fun visiting the children. They sat around asking very pointed questions about the weather and about how things were in the 'old days.' They asked me things like 'How do you forecast the weather?'--which I couldn't answer," he laughs. "They're environmentally conscious kids. They all recycle and they know about global warming and all that." Chester didn't know the school had been named for him until last summer, when his nice "sprung it on me when she visited last summer. It's a great little honor."

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