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December 1997 /
January 1998

New Hires

(left to right):
Amy Stephens, administrative assistant II with the NCAR Director's Office.
Marta Turnbull, contracts administrator III with F&A.
Laura Iraci, postdoctoral researcher I with ASP.
Chris Garcia, student assistant II with ACD.
Scott Ellis, associate scientist I with ATD.
Barry Lefer, postdoctoral researcher I with ACD.

Brian Rook, student assistant II with RAP.
Miles Mercer, student visitor with ESIG.
Anji Seth, visitor with CGD.
Claudia Tebaldi, visitor with CGD.
Michael Lance Jones, systems administrator I with CGD.
Jason Peete, casual with ATD.

Other New Hires

Daniel Maes, student assistant III with MMM.
Terry Bryan, project manager with JOSS.


Qingnong Xiao, 18 October
Raymond Richardson, 30 October
Bradley Hindman, 29 November
Sherryl Chapel, 30 November
Gregory Berman, 3 December
George Liu, 5 December
Melanie Wetzel, 12 December
Hanna Gilbert, 13 December

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