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October 1997

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Joanie MacArthur, administrative assistant with IPMP.
Michael Shibao, graphic designer with IDC.
Gail Kasic, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Sue Durlak, postdoctoral researcher with ASP.

(back row, left to right)
Joel Podgorski, student assistant II with HAO.
Vidal Salazar, student visitor with RAP.

(left to right)
Christal Pene, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Stephen Rauenbuehler, mechanical designer with ATD.

Other New Hires

Russell Callejo, student visitor with JOSS.
Maureen Donovan, project accountant with F&A.
Lashaunda Malone, student visitor with JOSS.
Chrystal Pene, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Thomas Petruzzi, maintenance worker with FSS.
Stephen Rauenbuehler, mechanical designer with ATD.
Roger Schaefer, shuttle driver with FSS.
Adam Sobel, postdoctoral researcher I with VSP.
Mark Stevens, postdoctoral researcher II with UNAVCO.
Istvan Szunyogh, scientific visitor with VSP.
Elaine Travalent, administrative assistant with SCD.


Adrianne Allen, 31 August
Mary Babin, 18 September
Jennifer Bartenfelder, 3 October
Michele Case, 19 September
Michael Clarke, 12 September
Jonna Colacci, 12 September
Dennis Colarelli, 12 September
H. Reb Conn, 3 October
Lisa Deleon, 12 September
Arthur Doggett IV, 3 October
Kathleen Fischer, 12 September
Robert Hallberg, 26 September
Kenneth Hansen, 3 October
Ed Heitschel, 2 September
Gayle Hillmann, 19 September
Paul Hyder, 12 September
Teddie Keller, 5 September
Kevin Knight, 29 August
Dennis Johnson, 3 October
Robert Lackman, 3 October
Frederick McCloskey, 29 August
Matthew Michaelis, 26 September
Rosemary Mitchell, 30 September
Jonathan Petch, 30 September
Spencer Petri, 30 September
William Rawson, 12 September
Adam Schlosser, 16 September
Eugene Schumacher, 3 October
Jeffrey Severinghaus, 30 September
Richard Slonaker, 12 September
Veronica Vaida, 31 August
Dirk Verschuren, 30 September

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