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Volume 32, Number 10 -- October 1997

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Two of NCAR's most eminent scientists were new on the scene in 1966 when they posed for the portrait above with a then-innovative device. Warren Washington (left) and Akira Kasahara (right) flank the DD80, a microfilm camera used for embryonic attempts at scientific animations. "The computer would draw an image on a CRT screen and the camera would photograph it and then advance another frame," recalls Warren. This photo was unearthed from the NCAR archives during preparations for the Akira Kasahara Symposium, which took place at the Mesa Lab 29-30 September. The two days featured many presenters from within and outside NCAR. Akira officially retired last fall, but he remains on board as a senior research associate. He's currently working with Japan's Central Research Institute of the Electric Power Industry on tropical cyclone modeling in a doubled-carbon dioxide scenario, a project that could extend through 2000. At right, Warren and Akira at last month's symposium. (1997 photo by Rick Anthes.)

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