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September 1997

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Malissa Supino, accounting support I with F&A.
Thomas Jordan, technician I with UNAVCO.
Pam Hale, imaging technician with ISS.
Louis Estey, software engineer/programmer III with UNAVCO.
Gregory Hakim, postdoctoral I with ASP.

(front row, left to right)
Joe Fowler, software engineer/programmer I with ACD.
Matthew Park, student assistant II with HAO.
Richard Johnson, systems administrator II with SCD.

(second row)
John Magistro, postdoctoral I with ASP.
Jack Fellows, vice president for corporate affairs and director of UOP.
Kathryn Schmoll, vice president for finance and administration.
Hardi Peter, postdoctoral I with ASP.

Marilyn Cummelin, administrative assistant II with JOSS.
Clara Deser, scientist II with CGD.
Colleen O'Toole, student visitor with CGD.

Other new hires

Michele Betsill, casual with ESIG.
Carolyn Bousquet, administrative assistant II with MMM.
Julie Bowers, web specialist and database designer.
Charles Brock, scientific visitor with ASP.
Stewart Carrera, administrative assistant II with NOAA/OGP.
Thomas Hamill, postdoctoral researcher I with ASP.
Konrad Hughen, postdoctoral researcher I with VSP.
Hoonil Kim, student assistant with HAO.
Joan Morton, casual with UCAR Office of the President.
Doug Nychka, scientific visitor with CGD.
Melissa Richey, graduate research assistant with RAP.
Qingyuan Song, postdoctoral researcher I with VSP.
Stephanie Tiller, administrative assistant II with NOAA/OGP.
Veronica Vaida, scientific visitor with ASP.
Melanie Wetzel, scientific visitor with VSP.
Weiyu Yang, scientific visitor with VSP.


Nolan Atkins, 29 August
Tiffany Omeron Bernstein, 20 August
Timothy Bowen, 30 May
Matt Briggs, 8 August
Amara Tandy Brook, 1 August
Jackie Burge, 29 August
Mariah Carbone, 15 August
Christopher Castro, 8 August
Tim Catalano, 1 August
Roy Dawson, 1 September
Jazmin Diaz-Lopez, 8 August
Yann Dubois, 1 September
Carl Etsitty, 6 August
David Failing, 1 August
A.F. Fanning, 31 July
Galen Fowler, 22 August
Quindi Franco, 15 August
Preston Heard, 20 June
Lacey Holland, 8 August
Martha Howland, 8 August
Sue Ellen Jensen, 2 September
Carla Kegley-Owen, 23 August
Terry Leach, 1 September
Albert Lee, 22 August
Weng-Mui Lee, 31 August
Richard Levine, 1 September
Zhan-Qian Lu, 1 August
Justin Mericle, 31 July
William Merryfield, 31 August
Christopher Moore, 31 July
Karen Mozealous, 8 August
Shirley Murillo, 8 August
Eric Nienhouse, 7 August
Colleen O'Toole, 22 August
Sharon Perez-Suarez, 8 August
Paneen Petersen, 5 August
Darnell Powers, 8 August
Jennifer Price, 8 August
Juli Rasmussen, 1 August
Michael Read, 22 August
Stephanie Rivale, 15 August
Lynn Russell, 5 September
Rebecca Sobol, 25 August
Jim Steg, 15 August
Kiesha Stevens, 15 August
Elizabeth Stone, 31 August
Rachel Vincent, 8 August
Tsegay Wolde-Georgis, 1 August
Fred Woodley, 2 September
Jennifer Zabel, 8 August
Yuxia Zhang, 31 August
Jiangfen Zheng, 31 July

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