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September 1997

Delphi Question: Bike security

Note from the Delphi coordinator: The following question and reply concern the theft of personal property from UCAR premises. The response both clarifies the consequences of such loss and serves to remind other staff to make sure that personal property of value kept at UCAR is properly insured. For more information on bicycle storage/theft on the Foothills campus, please refer to Dean Lindstrom's e-mail message of 30 July sent to all staff. It is available on the World Wide Web in this issue of Staff Notes Monthly. Facilities Support Services is evaluating the bicycle lockers and will notify staff of any improvements as they become available. In the meantime, Dean suggests that staff not leave bikes in the lockers overnight.

Question 435 (received 30 July):

Answer (2 September):

Questions and suggestions from the staff to management may be submitted in confidence to the Delphi coordinator, Rene Munoz (ext. 1173, ML room 135), in written form; they must be signed. Detailed procedures for submitting questions are given in the UCAR Policies and Procedures Manual, section 1-1-13. Questions and answers of general interest to staff are submitted to Staff Notes Monthly by Rene. They may be edited for publication. For more information, see the Delphi Service Web page, http://www.ucar.edu/internal/delphi.

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