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August 1997

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Bin Wang, postdoctoral I with MMM.
Roseann Suer, contracts administrator I with F&A.
Linda Sitea, grants and development associate with Development and Government Affairs.

(back row, left to right)
William Collins, scientist II with MMM.
Vincent Wayland, software engineer/programmer I with CGD.
Patrick Craig, carpenter with FSS.

(left to right)
Del Vicker, student assistant II with CGD.
Scott Woodward, traffic services clerk with FSS.
Brian Guillen, student assistant II with ATD.

Other New Hires

Heather Allen, postdoctoral I with VSP.
James Besha, student assistant II with MMM.
Matt Briggs, casual with CGD.
David Galloway, visitor with HAO.
Scott Halvorson, visitor with COMET.
John Horel, visitor with COMET.
Weng-Mui Lee, student visitor with ACD.
Hayden Mathews, casual with ATD.
Tiffany Omeron, student visitor with RAP.
Robert Rozumalski, postdoctoral I with COMET.
Richard Slonaker, visitor with VSP.
Shelley Sullivan, administrative assistant with JOSS.
David Werth, postdoctoral I with VSP.
Robert Wilby, project scientist with CGD.


Jeanne Adams, 25 July
Barbara Appelhans, 11 July
Joseph Barry, 25 July
Jon Bergengren, 11 July
James Berger, 25 July
Michele Betsill, 26 July
Lynn Coats, 11 July
Lara Counts, 1 April
David Eastman, 2 July
Michael George, 21 July
Marilyn Hughes, 30 June
Sandra Johnson, 25 July
Crista Kippes, 18 July
Joan Morton, 11 July
David Pollard, 25 July
Bernard Sauer, 1 March
Marc Stieglitz, 30 June
Jeanette Walters, 25 July

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