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June 1997

New Hires

(front row, left to right)
Marhamat Khadem-Ghaeni, student assistant II with RAP.
Dawn Ashley, administrative assistant with the Office of the UCAR President.
Mark Taylor, software engineer/programmer I with SCD.

(back row)
Mark Reis, student assistant II with the NCAR Director's Office.
Steven Carson, software engineer/programmer I with ACD.
Stephen Hinson, manager of applications and development for information technology, F&A.
Timothy Schneider, associate scientist with CGD.

(front row, left to right)
Edward Smith, student assistant II with HAO.
Tina Martinez, student assistant II with MMM.
Reb Conn, contracts administrator III with F&A.
Arthur Tucker, cook with Food Services.
Ligea Rice, administrative assistant with CGD.

(second row)
Matthew Hecht, associate scientist with CGD.
Roy Dawson, student visitor with COMET.
Ryan Weekley, software engineer/programmer I with RAP.
Sue Kemner-Richardson, scientific visitor with COMET.

(third row)
Jason Daughenbaugh, student assistant I with ATD.
Michael Tallman, student assistant II with ATD.
Grazyna Krekora, food service generalist with Food Services.

(fourth row)
Ryan Fowler, student assistant II with SCD.
Wendy Pagel, accounts payable support with F&A.
Robert MacQueen, scientific visitor with HAO.

Other New Hires

James Berger, scientific visitor with CGD.
Janet Campbell, property administrator with F&A.
Kip Eagan, aircraft mechanic I with ATD.
Tamra Eubank, administrative assistant with HR.
Francis Giraldo, scientific visitor with VSP.
Zhinian Jing, student assistant II with HAO.
Eric Jones, systems administrator II with RAP.
Judith Jones, budget analyst with F&A.
Patria Lanfranchi, student assistant I with the NCAR Director's Office.
Takayika Matsumara, scientific visitor with VSP.
James Nolan, aircraft mechanic I with ATD.
Stephen Olds, student assistant II with FSS.
James Pasquotto, administrative assistant with MMM.
Milenda Powers, engineer with HESS.
William Taylor, associate scientist with ACD.
Wilma Travnicek, student visitor with ACD.
Donna West, administrative assistant with Unidata.


Gary Bates, 23 May
Jayson Bethurem, 19 May
Anthony Craig, 9 May
Shannon Davis, 2 May
David Ecoff, 24 April
Gregory Fisher, 2 May
Giovanna Gerace, 3 May
Vivek Hardiker, 23 May
Leila Harris, 31 May
Kay Hockensmith, 2 May
Peter Jaumann, 12 May
Tianming Li, 31 May
Ming Liu, 14 May
Barbara Magill, 3 May
Roberta Martin, 28 April
Jody Matsushima, 23 May
Allan Morgan, 14 May
Steven Padilla, 30 May
Nancy Postvanderburg, 31 May
Aaron Ridley, 30 May
Hem Satsangi, 9 May
John Schultz, 16 May
Jon-Pierre Stoermer, 30 May
Sharon Sugihara, 29 April
Bifford Williams, 18 May
Scott Yarbrough, 13 May

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