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June 1997

Spring Fling: Everything but the kitchen sync

A new institution may have been born with the second annual lip-sync contest at this year's Spring Fling. Partygoers were in stitches (and some of the contestants in little more than that). The courtyard between FL1 and FL2 was the stage on Friday, 16 May, for the usual festivities--food and drink, T-shirt sales, volleyball, basketball, and a water-balloon toss. However, the lip syncing, emceed by Eron Brennan, was the hands-down hit of the day.

"People were laughing so hard they were crying. What started out as a time filler turned out to be the highlight of the party," says Employee Activities Committee representative Debby Novak. "The response has been overwhelming. We've already had quite a few inquiries about next year's competition."

The unanimous lip-sync winners were the toga-clad David Failing and Tim Barnes, whose finale of ballet moves and leapfrogs had the audience in hysterics. David and Tim received the timely prize of new NCAR/UCAR/UOP T-shirts.

David passed on these words of thanks to Staff Notes Monthly: "I am very pleased to accept this prestigious award given by the Academy (EAC, of course). I wish to thank all those who have made this moment possible. Thanks go to Mom, for letting me run around the house with only a bed sheet; to Dad, who has taught me regardless of the circumstance to always feel comfortable with my masculinity; to my choreographer, Debby Novak, who encouraged me that pseudoballet and leapfrogs are my friend; and to my partner, Tim Barnes--whatever we do, we should not give up our day jobs." •BH

Bob Roesch, Laurie Carr, and Cheryl Cristanelli (front) lead a crew from Human Resources, the Village Idiots, as they perform a loose interpretation of the Village People's "Y.M.C.A." The classic chorus became, "It's fun to work at . . . U-C-A-R." Other members of the group were Jocelyn Brown, Colleen Clark, Karla Edwards, Tamra Eubank, Delaine Orendorff, and Terry Woods (who held signs to cue the audience).

Tim Barnes (top, from the Education and Tour Program) and David Failing (SCD) wowed the crowd with choreography set to "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," by They Might Be Giants. (All photos by Carlye Calvin.)

Yikes! It's the Brady Bunch kids, as channeled through a gang of six from SCD. From left, the cherubs dancing to the Bradys' "Keep on Moving" are David Failing, Scott Hayes, Fred Woodley, Janice Kline, Paula Drager-Fisher (CGD), and Debby Novak.

COMET strikes again: The winners of last year's contest with another song by The Who, "Magic Bus," returned with the "Summertime Blues." From left are Woody Wang, Doug Wesley, Katy Ginger, and Wendy Abshire.

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