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June 1997 EXTRA!

Commuters of the Year for Walk & BikeWeek '97

A few weeks ago, the Transportation Alternatives Group asked you which of your fellow staff should be nominated as Boulder's Commuter of the Year for Walk & BikeWeek '97, taking place the last week of June. These nominations were passed on to citywide competition (except for the three people nominated from TAG, who volunteered to disqualify themselves). Although the Boulder-area winner wasn't from UCAR/NCAR/UOP, the testimonials below show that we have our share of innovative commuters. Watch This Week announcements and posters at the various sites for details on Walk & BikeWeek activities. If you haven't yet registered as a participant, sign up through the TAG-sponsored Walk & BikeWeek Web page.

Graham Barnes doesn't own a car and does not ride public or NCAR transportation. He simply bikes to work six miles every day. This means that he hasn't polluted the air in Boulder even on one day. Rain, snow, sleet, heat, etc., do not make him resort to other transportation.

--Aaron Ridley

Dennis Colarelli has a cane sticking out of his pannier! Due to arthritis in his hips, he can no longer walk without a cane--but he can bicycle (even up the NCAR hill). He says it helps keep his muscles from atrophying and combines "physical therapy" time with commuting time.

--Ilana Stern

Bob Hueftle invariably walks to catch the 7:00 a.m. NCAR shuttle. I don't know if he has ever taken the family car to work. He's about the most generous, kind person you could ever meet. Taking the NCAR shuttle is just one more act of generosity to the environment for him.

--Diane Norman

Joe Klemp rides his bike almost every work day, regardless of almost any kind of weather; snow, rain, and below-zero temperatures do not stop him. He lives more than four miles from work, and a good part of his trip is on busy streets.

--Don Lenschow

Myron McCallum commutes year-round on bicycle from Lafayette to north Boulder. Recently he was struck by a motor vehicle on his way home. He was not severely injured but had to stay home several days to recover from bruises he sustained. He's now bicycle commuting again--without the bruised spirit.

--George Liu

Gordon Maclean is a year-round, all-weather bike commuter (six miles each way) and he's been doing it for years, including when he lived in (choke, cough) L.A. He's a skilled, experienced, intelligent, and courteous rider. Gordon and his wife Naomi carry their daughter in a trailer to day care at NIST.

--John Militzer

I would like to nominate Christine Shields for this award. Consistency is the word that best applies to Christine's commute. Almost without fail, she either rides her bike to work or walks from her North Boulder home downtown and catches the shuttle. Christine's commitment to alternative transportation sets her apart from the others.

--Gary Bates

Bjorn Stevens bikes, walks or takes the shuttle bus everywhere. On 28 February, Bjorn and his wife, Andrea Brose, walked five blocks on a day with heavy snow to deliver their first daughter, Saskia, in the hospital. The next day, they walked home with the baby in the cold weather.

--Chin-Hoh Moeng, Peter Sullivan, Jeff Weil, Eileen Saiki, Don Lenschow, and Jielun Sun

Joe Werne is the most serious bike commuter I know of. He rides every day in from Louisville to north Boulder.

--Alan Hills

And the TAG members . . .

Bob Henson always bikes, walks, or takes the shuttle between sites, and from home to work and back. It doesn't seem to matter to him what kind of weather we are having; he is always using alternative transportation. He sets a very good example!

--Milli Butterworth

I would like to nominate Leonard Sitongia for being the most dedicated person I have ever known when it comes to alternative transportation! He is the perfect example of someone who finds another way to get around without polluting our air. I don't think he has ever driven to work.

--Juli Rasmussen

Ilana Stern rides her bike from Boulder Canyon to NCAR every day and is a good candidate for Commuter of the Year.

--Rol Madden

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