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Volume 32, Number 5 -- May 1997

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If it's spring, it's surely time for field programs. Both natural and artificial clouds seen over Boulder on 2 May of last year were connected to atmospheric field work. The contrail was generated by NASA's DC-8 research aircraft during a penetration into the mountain wave cloud shown, as part of the Subsonic Aircraft: Contrail & Cloud Effects Special Study (SUCCESS) program. The flight's purpose was to examine the ambient conditions necessary to produce ice particles. The photo was taken by Dan Breed loking northwest while the aircraft flew at an altitude of 12 kilometers (39,000 feet) and a temperature of -64 degrees C (-83 degrees F). Wave clouds formed as air rose about 600 meters (2,000 feet) as it flowed over the Front Range. Dan and colleagues are now at work analyzing data from SUCCESS. (Photo courtesy Dan Breed and Andy Heymsfield, MMM).

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