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April 1997

New Hires

(left to right)
Randy Armour, shuttle driver in FSS.
Colleen Clark, administrative assistant II in HR.
Deborah Lake, administrative assistant II in F&A.

(left to right)
Catherine Clark, administrative assistant in JOSS.
Barbara Tunison, administrative assistant in ISS.
Reyna Meenk, Web systems administrator in F&A.
Hanli Liu, postdoctoral researcher I in HAO.

Other New Hires

Robert Campbell, software engineer/programmer I in SCD.
Trish Eliasson, student assistant II in RAP.
Jennifer Evert, student assistant II in COMET.
Gary Pereira, visitor with VSP. NOAA Office of Hydrology.
Bruno Tremblay, postdoctoral researcher I with VSP.


Keith Barr, 5 March
Guiliana De Toma, 31 March
Denise Fay, 21 March
Paul Johnson, 28 March
Marjorie Miller, 26 March
Michael Moore, 31 March
Anji Seth, 31 March
Diane Wade, 21 March
Joan Westerfield, 31 March
Herminio Avila, 14 March
Brent Halsey, 14 March
Kymberly Kram, 17 March
Lori Lucero, 21 March
De-Zheng Sun, 24 February
Liang Xu, 15 March

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