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Volume 32, Number 4 -- April 1997

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It was no April fool when three youngsters got to be VIPs for a day at the Mesa Lab. The trio won NCAR Awards for Excellence in the Atmospheric Sciences, in conjunction with the two Boulder Valley Regional Science Fairs held in February and March. UCAR's Harriet Barker presented the awards on 8 March at Broomfield Heights Middle School.

Normally, one student is selected in the elementary category (grades 1-5) and one in the secondary category (grades 6-12), but this year, the elementary competition was hot enough to produce a tie. The NCAR honors went to Jenni Jones, a third-grader at Mesa Elementary, for "Air Pollution in Boulder," and to Gilbert Lemieux, a fifth-grader at Bear Creek and the first-ever back-to-back winner, for "Beyond the Borders: Acid Rain." The award winner in the secondary category was Kristen Rasmussen, a sixth-grader at Burbank Middle School and the daughter of RAP's Roy Rasmussen. Her project: "Frost Forms Under What Conditions?" The NCAR-award judges were Dan Breed at the elementary level and Charlie Knight and Simon Low-Nam at the secondary level.

Each year, the NCAR visit for winners includes a stop at Jeffco and a tour through various ML labs, followed by lunch in the cafeteria, "sometimes with the people who judged their exhibit, and always with some very friendly scientists who help draw the kids out," says Education and Tour Program coordinator Rene Munoz. NCAR and NOAA originated the idea of giving award winners a day at the lab. "Now," says Rene, "many of the two dozen organizations that give awards at the fair offer a day at their place, which we think is the most important award that could be given--a chance to see the organization up close and carry away valuable mental pictures of what that kind of work is like." The three winning exhibits are on display through this summer in the ML mezzanine, along with two other weather-related projects. Pictured (left to right) are Jenni, Kristen, and Gilbert as they drop coins in the gravity well, the newest addition to the ML exhibit fleet. (Photo by Curt Zukosky.)

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