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New Hires

(back row, left to right)
Aiguo Dai, postdoctoral I with VSP.
Jennifer Cederle, student assistant II with CGD.
Lynn Coats, administrative assistant with JOSS.
Cheryl Martin, administrative assistant with COMET.
Wendell Welch, postdoctoral I with ASP.

(front row, left to right)
Beth Wingate, postdoctoral I with ASP.
Robert Sandblom, software engineer/programmer I with RAP.
Manuel Pondeca, visitor with MMM.
Todd Ulrich, student assistant I with ASP.
Kathryn Ginger, visitor with COMET.
Mary Marlino, visitor with COMET.

Other New Hires

J.R. Arnold, postdoctoral researcher I with VSP.
Jennifer Bartenfelder, student assistant II with RAP.
Susan Dettling, student assistant III with RAP.
Gary Grunwald, visitor with CGD.
Roxane Ronca, visitor with JOSS.
Gregory Stossmeister, associate scientist II with JOSS.
Milton Taveira, student assistant II with ACD.


Andrew Bush, 31 December
Robert Fleming, 14 January
Gene Francis, 31 December
Aaron Fromm, 14 January
Paul Ginsburg, 31 December
Claire Granier, 31 December
Christian Guillemot, 3 January
Julie Haggerty, 31 December
Deborah McCommons, 3 January
Joseph McCormick, 14 January
John Murphy, 14 January
Scott Palo, 9 January
Matthew Pate, 14 January
Scot Rafkin, 17 January
Robert Rodgers, 14 January
Timothy Rood, 14 January
Aaron Sigut, 14 January
Carolyn Starr, 24 January
Robert Wilby, 15 January
Gregory Wilson, 14 January
Jian-Jian Wang, 1 January
Patricia Yager, 3 January

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Prepared by Jacque Marshall, jacque@ucar.edu