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Q&A: The budget scene and UCAR/NCAR/UOP growth

In NSF's review of NCAR conducted last year, one suggestion was that internal communication on topics of general interest be strengthened. In response, the UCAR Management Committee (UMC) has developed answers to a set of frequently asked questions. These deal primarily with the growth of UCAR, NCAR, and UOP over the past decade, the related impacts on budget and staffing, and the budgeting process for each entity. Responses were drafted by UCAR president Rick Anthes with input from other UMC members and program analyst Steve Dickson. The full set of questions and answers is available on the World Wide Web at

This feature marks the beginning of a new bimonthly column, Q&A, in which a manager, director, or coordinator will take on questions from the staff at large. We'll announce the guest host in advance and give you several weeks to send in your questions. The questions and answers will appear on the Web at the above address and, as volume allows, in the print version of Staff Notes Monthly. Questioners' names will not be published in either venue. (Note that the Delphi Service continues as the vehicle for asking questions that are confidential or particularly sensitive. The Delphi coordinator is Rene Munoz, ext. 1173, munoz@ucar.edu. See the UCAR Policies and Procedures Manual for more about Delphi.)

For the April installment of Q&A, we've asked Karon Kelly, director of Information Support Services, to answer your questions on services from the library, the Imaging and Design Center, and Visual Communications (the institution's photo and video archives), as well as exhibits and K-12 outreach activities. Please send your queries for Karon to our Q&A alias, question@ucar.edu, by 10 March.

We also invite you to submit follow-up questions for Rick Anthes and give us suggestions for future hosts or topics. Send all correspondence by e-mail to question@ucar.edu or by interoffice mail to Bob Henson, UCAR North. •BH

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Prepared by Jacque Marshall, jacque@ucar.edu