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Got a Media Request or Concern? Call Anatta


If you're wondering how to tell the world about your latest research or technology, or if you'd like help in dealing with the media, UCAR Communications is the place to turn. Anatta (her full name), a writer/editor in the group since 1988, is the new media relations specialist. She replaces Joan Frisch, who retired last year.

Anatta's job includes issuing press releases to newspapers and magazines, tracking down experts when reporters call, and coordinating visits for journalists and film crews. When filming occurs, Anatta or another communications person is on hand to smooth the process and minimize the disruption to staff.

Anatta asks for your help in getting our science to the world at large. When you know of a forthcoming event or publication that may merit coverage, or if media have called you directly, contact her at ext. 8604, anatta@ucar.edu. If you are unsure about what would interest a larger audience, she's happy to discuss it with you and let you know what kind of response to expect from a press release. If you have a paper accepted by the journals Science or Nature, please let her know right away.

Several new media procedures are under way. UCAR Communications is inviting staff to talk informally with the group about their latest work and how it can be publicized in the media, in Staff Notes Monthly, or in the UCAR Quarterly. If you would like to participate, please contact Anatta. The office is also launching a "beat" system in which each division or program will have a representative assigned to the group to keep tabs on developments.

"I appreciate very much the time that scientists and others take from their primary work to talk to journalists," Anatta says. "It's important to use the media as a tool for informing the taxpaying public and Congress about what we do." Although there are occasional mistakes or distortions, she adds, "most reporters are conscientious and try hard to do a good job."

Zhenya Gallon (ext. 8607, zhenya@ucar.edu) who joined UCAR Communciations this month as a writer/editor, will assist part-time in media relations. Anatta, Zhenya, and other members of the group, headed by Lucy Warner, are happy to help you with your internal and external communication needs. •BH

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Prepared by Jacque Marshall, jacque@ucar.edu, 303-497-8616