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A genial Gene departs; Rena takes the reins

Rena Brasher-Alleva and Gene Arnn. (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)
Budget and Planning director Gene Arnn bid farewell to NCAR last month after five years of service. Well-wishers at a farewell party for Gene on 17 October marveled at how Gene's easy-going demeanor remained constant through five budget cycles. Associate director Walt Dabberdt praised Gene's work in helping to make relations between NCAR and NSF "as good as they've ever been." Stepping into the budget directorship is Rena Brasher-Alleva, a veteran of almost five years of NCAR budget analysis. Rena came to NCAR from Cornell University Medical College in New York. A native of New Mexico, Rena holds an undergraduate degree in biology and a master's in business administration from the University of New Mexico. "Gene will be greatly missed up here on the fifth floor," says Rena. "I hope I can be as successful as Gene was in meeting the challenges of this position." •BH

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Prepared by Jacque Marshall, jacque@ucar.edu, 303-497-8616