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New Hires

(left to right)
Robert Wilby, scientific visitor with CGD. ML room 259, ext. 2695.
Kent Goodrich, scientific visitor with RAP. FL2 room 2086, ext. 8459.
Liesel Brunson, graphic artist with ISS. ML room 019X, ext. 1163.
Wei Huang, associate scientist with MMM. FL3 room 3075, ext. 8923.

(left to right)
Samuel Brandon, flight engineer/mechanic with ATD. Jeffco room 23, ext. 1069.
Beverly Heller, administrative assistant II with ACD. UN suite 275, ext. 2908.
Ethan Davis, software engineer/programmer III with Unidata. UN suite 140, ext. 8155.
Victoria Alten, computer operation II with SCD. ML room 29, ext. 1200.

Other New Hires

Julie Arblaster, student visitor with CGD. ML room 202B, ext. 1712.
Mamoudou Ba, scientific visitor with VSP. NOAA, 301-763-8204 ext. 25.
Pavel Groisman, scientific visitor with JOSS. NOAA, 704-271-4319.
Leila Harris, division and program administrator with JOSS. NSF, 703-306-0891.
Sondra Lancaster, administrative assistant III with JOSS. NOAA, 301-427-2089, ext. 45.
Wataru Ohfuchi, scientific visitor with VSP. NCEP, 302-763-8155.
Macol Stewart, scientific visitor with JOSS. NOAA, 301-427-2089, ext. 38.


Thomas Acker, 2 August
Catherine Andrulis, 30 August
Harold Barber, 23 August
Tim Catalano, 21 August
Toshio Michael Chin, 31 July
Julie Cole, 31 July
Harvey Davies, 14 August
Kenneth Davis, 29 July
Frederic Fabry, 6 September
Reyco Henning, 31 August
Daniel Hereid, 31 August
Lynn Hermanson, 25 July
Heidi Krapfl, 16 August
David Maggert, 15 August
Christine Matson, 31 July
Allen McAllister, 1 September
Oliver Metais, 5 August
Glenn Moglen, 16 August
William Oliver, 20 August
Christopher Pankratz, 31 July
Robert Parkin, 31 August
Nico Potterat, 31 August
Richard Powers, 30 August
Jonathan Smith, 23 August
John Streete, 15 August
Alan Townsend, 31 August
Melanie Wetzel, 31 July

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