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Spring Fling: Bash makes splash, cash

Someone once observed that spring in Boulder is the day between winter and summer. If so, the Employee Activities Committee was right on the money with the timing of its all-staff Spring Fling. The afternoon weather on 15 May proved picture-perfect for a beach-themed get-together. Those on hand at the Foothills Lab patio tossed water balloons (often randomly), lip-synched, Hula-hooped, and stood around drinking beer and pop when all else failed. This year's T-shirt, designed by Wil Garcia, made its debut at the party. (Check the EAC home page or write to eac@ucar.edu to buy shirts.) Photographer Carlye Calvin captured some of the action for posterity. •BH

All photos: Carlye Calvin

Wendy Abshire is undeterred by the ever-lowering limbo stick.

Hula-hoops were one of the period pieces that made a comeback at the Fling.

This gang from Finance and Administration gave Wayne and Garth a run for their money as they lip-synched to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." From left to right are David Failing, Kim McLaughlin, Dee Huddle, and Anita Monk. Behind them are Janet Evans and Chris Smith.

Flipper races kept partygoers entertained.

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