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Group Effort: Web Development Group

The nickname for the Web Development Group--Wedgies--betrays the irreverent touch of founder Crista Kippes. Crista has put together a redesign of the UCAR Web home pages for the Office of Corporate Affairs. She started Wedgies in January as a way to bring together the growing number of people throughout the organization who are involved in Web development.

"It was an idea I'd been toying with for some time before that," says Crista. "I kept hearing the same questions throughout the institution. People were struggling with the same issues but not talking. I wanted to see these people get together, communicate, share their problems and successes."

Wedgies is separate from the Web Council, a small group that works to set broad Web policies for UCAR as a whole. The focus of Wedgies is tools, ideas, and informal exchange.

The group's Web site is at http://www.coare.ucar.edu/wdg. There, Crista has begun what aspires to be a large repository of development tools, scripts, and links developed and collected by Wedgie members and available to any staff member. Also on line are summaries of past Wedgie meetings and announcements of future meetings, which are open to all on a drop-in basis.

"I plan on this group hosting training seminars, brown-bag lunches, and classes on how to go beyond basic HTML [hypertext mark-up language] into topics like advanced CGI [common gateway interface] scripting and overall design and architecture issues." Crista adds that Web developers at all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate.

To learn more about Wedgies, visit the Web site or contact Crista, ext. 8697, kippes@ucar.edu. --BH

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