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The EAC is putting your suggestions to work this summer

Almost 200 staff members responded to the survey posted on the World Wide Web by the Employee Activities Committee. The EAC, recently rejuvenated with new members, wanted to refresh its lineup of parties, discounts, and other perks for staff and their families. The survey showed that people throughout the organization wanted the EAC to expand into new recreational arenas while keeping a few sentimental favorites, such as the all-staff holiday party.

This spring and summer, staff will be reaping the benefits of the EAC survey with a slate of new activities (below). EAC chair Marlene Johnson hopes the additions will prove popular. As a nonprofit organization facing lean budgets, says Marlene, "it's more important than ever that we have creative opportunities for fun. In the corporate sector, a company might go out and spend $30,000 for a Christmas party. We don't have anywhere near that kind of money."

The EAC compensates with the energy of its volunteers. Marlene estimates that half of all the committee work is done on the members' own time. "We really are eager to represent all employees," says Marlene. "We have a really energetic, brainstorming group of people on the committee. They're rocking and rolling with ideas and truly enjoy offering employees opportunities for fun."

You can keep up to date with EAC happenings, check the survey results, and find members' names on the committee's Web page, http://www.ucar.edu/internal/eac/eac.html. Major events will continue to be publicized through This Week announcements and all-staff e-mails. The EAC plans to repeat the staff survey yearly to keep its lineup in tune with employee desires. In the meantime, mark your calendars for the events below, and give your local EAC representative a thumbs-up for his or her work in the pursuit of your happiness. --BH

Foothills Beach Spring Fling

The volleyball courts and patio north of FL1 and FL2 will be transformed into Surf City at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, 17 May. While munching on snacks and quaffing a beer or a soda, you can watch your colleagues hamming it up on stage. There will be contests for Hula-Hoop skill, limbo dexterity, the most gaudy Hawaiian T-shirt, and the best lip synching (bring your own compact disc or tape with an appropriate beach tune). There'll be basketball, volleyball, and many more fun events. Stay tuned for more details.

New T-shirts and color note cards

This year's organizational T-shirt goes on sale at the Spring Fling. Also available will be two new sets of note cards, this time in living color. One set features weather phenomena and the other focuses on the Mesa Lab. Each set contains eight cards, two cards each for four different scenes. The cost is $4.50 per set.

After-Work Volleyball League at FL

The EAC is introducing a two-tier volleyball league for staff this spring and summer. Teams may organize and sign themselves up, or you can sign up as an individual and be placed on a team. Interdivisional teams are encouraged. There will be a "sandlot league" for casual players and a more competitive track for the harder-core. League play will be from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. weekdays at the FL volleyball court, now undergoing refurbishment. Registration will take place at the Spring Fling; watch for an all-staff e-mail with more details in early May.

Cellular phones: a great deal

The EAC has snagged a cellular phone service agreement with U S WEST at a substantial discount. It allows staff 120 minutes of free air time (60 minutes peak and 60 off-peak) for $24.95 per month. The rate is guaranteed through 1999. Your cellular phone need not be made by U S WEST to qualify. To sign up, contact Kim McLachlan, the EAC discounts chair, ext. 8896, kimmcla@ucar.edu.

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