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Group Effort:
Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications (IITA)

A wealth of data from UCAR is available on the Internet--if you know where to find it. The IITA, a three-year UCAR project funded by the NSF, is working to provide researchers at UCAR and elsewhere with a more coherent view of data and data-related services--for example, facilitating the locating, access, and use of data sets. Much of the groundwork was done at an all-day open forum on data services in February 1995 and at a smaller workshop held the next month.

The IITA has four primary goals:

Pictured below are the IITA steering committee and IITA's five staff members, each of whom has been shifted half- or full-time from other UCAR projects. More information is available on the World Wide Web at Information Infrastructure Technology & Applications page or by contacting Richard Chinman, ext. 8696, chinman@ucar.edu. A full report will appear in the next UCAR Quarterly. --BH

Above are the attendees at a recent meeting of the IITA steering committee. IITA staff members are indicated with their positions in parentheses.

Front row: Gary Granger (real-time data engineer), Harvey Davies (visitor from the Australian government working on netCDF), Jeanette Walters (administrator), Gayl Gray, and Dennis Joseph.
Back row: Cindy Mueller, Jon Corbet, Crista Kippes (information services coordinator), Dave Fulker, Richard Chinman (manager), and Don Middleton-Link. (Photo by Bob Bumpas.)

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