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New Hires

(top photo, left to right)
Aaron Andersen, software engineer II with SCD. ML room 11A, ext. 1837.

Thomas Engel, software engineer IV with SCD. ML room 44E, ext. 1270.

Daryl Fletcher, software engineer II with RAP. FL2 room 2019A, ext. 8374.

Linda Morris-Gonzales, administrative secretary with MMM. FL3 room 2054, ext. 8197.

(bottom photo, left to right)
Wendy Meiring, scientific visitor with CGD. ML room 503, ext. 1375.

Vera Richardson, archive data entry technician with UNAVCO. UN suite 370, ext. 8022.

Inger Gallo, secretary with RAP. FL2 room 2081, ext. 8403.

Boris Khattatov, postdoctoral fellow with ACD. ML room 398, ext. 1882.

Eileen McIlvain, administrative secretary with COMET. FL3 room 1052, ext. 1052.

Laura Peterson, administrative I with RAP. FL2 room 2095, ext. 8482.

Other New Hires

David Blankinship, student visitor with CGD. ML room 220E, ext. 1710.

Eli Karplus, student assistant II with RAP. FL2 room 2108, ext. 8383.

May Lowry, scientific visitor with COMET. University of Colorado, 556-4363.

Louisa Nance, postdoctoral fellow with COMET. University of Washington, (206) 527-6095, ext. 230.

Oskar Steiner, scientific visitor with HAO. FL2 room 3016, ext. 1565.

Sidney Thurston, III, scientific visitor with JICP/PO. NOAA, Silver Spring, Maryland, (301) 427-2089.

Fuzhong Weng, scientific visitor with VSP. NOAA/NESDIS, (301) 763-8349.

Brent Wilson, scientific visitor with COMET. University of Colorado, 556-4363.


Norman Barth, 9 January
Elisa Carrasco-Wyant, 25 January
Lee Carter, 2 February
Gervaise Dupree, 31 January
Joyce Gellhorn, 31 January
Blair Gollihur, 19 January
Teresa Johnson, 9 February
Patrick Kennedy, 30 December
Lisa Lorusso, 31 January
Carol McLaren, 31 January
Marcella Ohira, 26 January
Stephen Schneider, 31 January
Reiner Schnur, 14 January
Raja Tallamraju, 31 December
David Younghans, 9 January

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