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New Hires

Left to right
Joseph McCormick, student assistant III with HAO. FL2 room 3099B, ext. 1521.
Shannon Sponsler, accounts payable technician with Finance. FL1 room 2033, ext. 2133.
Amy Bauer, accounts payable technician with UCAR F&A. FL1 room 2036, ext. 8863.

Left to right
Bradley Hindman, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. FL2 room 3069, ext. 1562.
Rong-Shyang Sheu, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. FL2 room 2096, ext. 8466.
Edward Snyder, network engineer with SCD. ML room 24G, ext. 1255.

Other New Hires

Aleksandr Ignatov, scientific visitor with VSP. NOAA/NESDIS, 301-763-8078.

Robert Niffenegger, casual operations staff with SCD. ML room 6, ext. 1229

Gordana Sindjib-Rancic, graduate research assistant with VSP. National Meteorological Center, 301-763-8005.

Joseph Sabutis, graduate research assistant with ACD. UCLA, 310-825-1456.

John Schultz, scientific visitor with VSP. NOAA/National Ocean Service, 301-713-2809.

Susan Solomon, director with ACD. ML room 466, ext. 1456.


Edward Ellert, 1 December
Rupert Ford, 25 August
Joan Frisch, 10 November
Sharon Hsi, 30 November
Farzad Kamalabadi, 30 November
Jianke Li, 25 November
Joanne Mann, 23 November
Charles Perry, 1 December
Boyd Poirier, 1 November
Jennifer Sawyer, 30 November
Ronald Schwiesow, 24 November
Paul Spyers-Duran, 17 November
Melissa Taylor, 15 September
Kimberly Watters, 3 November
Yiming Zhang, 2 November

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