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Just One Look

What's it like to sail on a glider into the heart of a developing thunderstorm? Bruce Miller knows. For 14 years the Boulder pilot has flown this NSF-owned Schweizer SGS 2-32 sailplane into thunderstorms as part of NCAR research on storm electricity. Local moviegoers can get a feel for Miller's experience at the new IMAX film Stormchasers, which debuted at the Denver Museum of Natural History on 10 November. (The glider, accompanied by MMM's Dan Breed, was on hand at the museum for a media preview on 6 November.) Stormchasers opens with footage of the glider flying through cumulus clouds as they billow above Colorado. The 38- minute film also includes glimpses of tornadoes, hurricanes, and the Indian monsoon. Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for children (ages 4- 12) and seniors, with discounts for museum members. For details and reservations, call 322-7009. (Photo courtesy MacGillivray Freeman Films and NSF.)

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