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Group Effort:
Administrative Systems Advisory Committee

In this new feature, Staff Notes Monthly will profile a committee serving NCAR, UOP, and UCAR. A new structure is in place for keeping administrators throughout the institution networked with each other. The Administrative Systems Advisory Committee (ASAC) acts in an advisory capacity to the associate vice president of Business Services (Jeff Reaves) and the director of Budget and Finance (Lorie Gillis). It includes eight members in addition to Jeff and Lorie, each representing one or two divisions or programs.

ASAC emerged from the now-defunct Administrative Advisory Committee. "It was felt that the AAC had become too large and unwieldy to handle all the issues brought before it in an efficient, timely manner," says Angie Garcia, business services administrator. The newly streamlined group meets once a month and focuses on big- picture matters that affect the organization as a whole. "We try not to get bogged down in addressing the details. Generally, assignments are dealt with outside of the committee and the results are brought back for the committee's review and consideration."

Several subcommittees have been established to deal with such issues as information systems, contracts, institutional savings, human processes, and communications. "These subcommittees don't necessarily include only ASAC members," says Angie. "We bring in people from all over the organization who would like to contribute to the discussion."

One of the bigger recent concerns has been the Bi-Tech accounting system. "We fanned out to all of our constitutents [administrators at NCAR, UOP, and UCAR] and asked them to identify their greatest needs as users of the system." Two staff members, Rebecca Oliva and Tracy Paplow (both of Business Services), are heading up a Business and Finance Task Group devoted to developing solutions for these customer-oriented Bi-Tech issues.

Staff who have concerns about administrative matters are encouraged to contact Angie or any other ASAC member. "If people have ideas or concerns--or plaudits--we want to hear from them."

ASAC Members and Constituents

Paul Sperry (chair)       ASP, ACD
Laurie Carr               HR, RAP, HAO
Reta Gates                NCAR Director's Office
Lorie Gillis/Jeff Reaves  UCAR President's Office, F&A
Pat Harris                ISS, FSS
Mike Moran                CGD
Pete Peterson             SCD
Jon Rush                  UOP
Bob Snow                  ATD, MMM, ESIG

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