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GROUP EFFORT: The Employee Activities Committee

In this new feature, Staff Notes Monthly will profile a committee serving NCAR, UOP, and UCAR. This month, the spotlight is on the fun-loving event planners and discount finders of the Employee Activities Committee.

The EAC is made up of volunteers from throughout the organization who generally serve two-year terms. Our purpose is twofold:

  • plan and promote events and activities that facilitate interaction among all staff

  • provide staff and their families access to products and services at discounted rates In the first category, the EAC plans and sponsors the fall up-the-hill races, holiday events in December, the summer picnic, and NCAR/UCAR Day at Elitch Gardens amusement park. Discounts include movie tickets and admissions to Disney World and Sea World, Dining Dollars (see below), book fairs, recreation sponsorships, and much more.

    To provide these services, EAC members meet at least monthly for two hours. Members spend additional time on their own for various projects. We work very hard as a group and individually to provide staff with fun events and significant discounts on many goods and services. Our goal is to continue bringing staff the events and discounts they expect, while building on these with newer events (such as the book fair) and discounts (such as the new Entertainment '96 discount books).

    We encourage you to look at the EAC home page at http://www.ucar.edu/internal/eac/eac.html for more information at any time. Watch This Week at UCAR for more details on specific events and discounts. We like your feedback, so if you have comments, questions, or ideas, or you are interested in joining the EAC, please contact us at eac@ucar.edu. --Paula Drager for the EAC

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