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Weather Smiles on Up-The-Hill Race (Sort Of)

Though spritzed by showers and spooked by an occasional stray lightning bolt, the traditional up-the-hill race on 8 September escaped any major meteorological hindrance. The pace for the foot and bike races was set by two newcomers who work part-time with Facilities Support Services. Jeff Vibert won the men's bike race and Tim Catalano aced the men's run, finishing a scant second behind Andrew Crook's 1990 record of 7:28. (Perennial winner Alan Hills was foiled when his bike seat broke just as the race began and later fell off.) Laura Stoltz and Deidre Garvey each scored a first and a second place in the women's foot and bike races. The reindeer-hatted HAO team took first place in the relay race, whose results were based on a combination of finishing time and participation level. Complete results can be found on the Employee Activities Committee page on the World Wide Web at http://www.uca r.edu/internal/eac/eac.html. Below is a summary, followed by a samping of race photos. ¥BH

Bike Race
1. Garvey, Deidre (6:37)
2. Stoltz, Laura (7:12)
3. Stern, Ilana (7:49)
1. Vibert, Jeff (5:14)
2. Dissly, Richard (5:32)
3. Hills, Alan (5:59)

Foot Race
1. Stoltz, Laura (10:37)
2. Garvey, Deirdre (10:54)
3. Miloshevich, Kay (11:15)
1. Catalano, Tim (7:29)
2. Dissly, Richard (8:09)
3. Crook, Andrew (8:20)

Divisional Relay Race
1. HAO (6:35, 50% participation)
2. MMM (7:15, 52% participation)
3. ACD (6:38, 32% participation)

Deirdre Garvey doubled her fun by placing high in both the bike and the foot race.

As the sun breaks out behind him, Tim Barnes makes a break for the finish line. (Photos by Carlye Calvin, except where otherwise noted.)

Jeff Vibert sails to a sizzling time as he finishes the men's bike race. (Photo by Bob Bumpas.)

George Washington ran here: passing the buck for their office at the end of the relay race are NCAR director Bob Serafin (left) and associate director Walt Dabberdt.

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