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New Hires

(left to right)
Gus Emmanuel, deputy director of JICP/PO. UN room 100, ext. 8693.
Nancy Norris, administrative secretary with HR. FL2 room 1014, ext. 8717.
Amy Solomon, scientific visitor with CGD. ML room 600B, ext. 1715.

(left to right)
Les Takamura, budget analyst with Budget and Finance. FL1 room 2057, ext. 8572.
Kim McLachlan, project accountant with UCAR Finance and Administration. FL1 room 2057, ext. 8896.
Donna Moran, administrative assistant with CGD. ML room 411, ext. 1366.

(back row, left to right)
William Oliver, scientific visitor with HAO. FL2 room 3032, ext. 8328.
Scott Braun, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. FL3 room 3082, ext. 8188.
Robert Roesch, compensation and benefits manager with Human Resources. FL2 room 1008, ext. 8704.
Pete Siemsen, network engineer III with SCD. ML room 35, ext. 1810.

(front row, left to right)
Li Chen, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. ML room 274, ext 1649. Jana Davis, project accountant with UCAR Finance and Administration. FL1 room 2022, ext. 8855. Jennifer Sawyer, administrative secretary with UCAR Finance and Administration. FL1 room 2050, ext. 8885. Jaye Alynn, student assistant III with UNAVCO. UN room 245, ext. 2605. Bette Otto-Bliesner, scientific visitor with CGD. ML room 164, ext. 1723. Carla Kegley-Owen, graduate research assistant with ACD. ML room 390B, ext. 1493.

Other New Hires

Roger Daley, scientific visitor with VSP. 408-656-4758.
Lisa Goddard, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. Scripps Institute of Oceanography, 619-534-8087.
Chris Herbster, postdoctoral fellow with COMET. Florida State University, 904-644-7496.
Mary Janak, student visitor with COMET. CU at Denver, 303-556-4363.
John Kelley, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. National Meteorological Center, 301-763-8005.
Richard Lawford, scientific visitor with JICP/PO. NOAA, 301- 427-2089.
William O'Connor, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. NOAA, 301- 713-2809.
Eleanor Praskovskaya, scientific visitor with MMM. FL1 room 2168, ext. 8834.
Kelly Stromberg, student visitor with COMET. CU at Denver, 556-4363.


Charles Albrecht, 18 August
Bradley Baker, 15 August
Kenneth Crawford, 7 August
Kenneth Davis, 14 August
Leslea Davison, 9 August
Olivier Espagnet, 10 August
Lelyn Fortier, 10 August
Stephen Frolking, 29 August
William Gallus, 15 August
Elizabeth Gold, 13 July
Alison Grimsdell, 11 August
Caroline Hanson, 25 August
Keith Hines, 8 September
Anne Jones, 31 August
Christopher Kerr, 8 August
Joanie Kleypas, 7 August
Kent Larson, 31 August
Ann Lee Liu, 15 August
Brian Mapes, 29 August
Melanie Mason, 25 August
Michael Mayhew, 9 August
Claude Morel, 7 August
David Mortensen, 7 August
John Murphy, 9 August
Sharon Nelson, 14 August
Eleanor Praskovskaya, 2 September
Jorge Ramirez, 7 August
David Reynolds, 7 August
Paula Rubin, 7 August
Melinda Simon, 25 August
John Streete, 28 August
David Trimble, 7 August
Joylene Walsh, 30 June
Michael Winton, 4 August
Michael Zecca, 8 August
Curt Zukosky, 10 August

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