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New Hires and Departures

New Hires

(top row, left to right)
Tsegay Wolde-Georgis, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. FL2 room 2020, ext. 8113.
David Ence, student assistant III with CGD. ML room 331, ext. 1319.
Paul Cally, scientific visitor with HAO. FL2 room 3052, ext. 8323.
Thomas Acker, software engineer II with CGD. ML room 320G, ext. 1326.

(bottom row)
Michelle Flores, administrative secretary/site administrator with the UCAR President's Office. FB lobby, ext. 1673.
Ann Lee Liu, student visitor with ACD. ML room 21, ext. 1458.
Evelyn Smith, secretary with JICP/PO. NOAA, 301-427-2089, ext. 11.

(top row, left to right)
Ray Crnkovich, air mechanic II/crew chief (WB-57) with ATD. Jeffco room 24, ext. 1072.
Gaylynn Potemkin, administrative secretary with CSMP. ML room 286, ext. 1618.
Rufus Taylor, Jr., insurance and risk manager with UCAR Business Services. FL1 room 2024, ext. 2134.
(bottom row)
Brent Wilson, scientific visitor with COMET. FL3 room 2120, ext. 8334.
Kurt Lutes, administrative secretary with UCAR Intellectual Property Management Program. UN room 320, ext. 8588.
May Lowry, scientific visitor with COMET. FL3 room 2120, ext. 8334.

Other New Hires

Alistair Adcroft, scientific visitor with VSP. 310-825-5402.
John Antonov, scientific visitor with JICP/PO. 202-606-4507.
Robert Campbell, systems administrator I with ATD. Jeffco room 115, ext. 1028.
Kenneth Crawford, scientific visitor with COMET. FL3 room 1001, ext. 8335.
Aleksandr Falkovich, scientific visitor with Visiting Scientist Programs. 301-763-8005.
Ming Jin, scientific visitor with VSP. 301-713-0640.
Marc Lynch-Stieglitz, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. 508-548-3705.
Gilberto Vicente, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. 301-763-8078.


Phylecia Brandley, 28 July
Eric Butz, 14 July
Kristin Fanch, 10 July
Trinh Guenther, 29 June
Yuxiang He, 4 July
Matthew Hecht, 15 July
Deborah Henson, 11 July
Barbara Knowles, 28 July
Jose Lara Lara, 30 June
James Lawless, 17 July
Lee Melvin, 14 July
Ann Modahl, 28 July
Jerry Pelk, 7 July
Susan Potter, 27 June
Linda Rae, 5 July
Andrew Robertson, 7 July
Sharon Vieyra, 14 July
Joylene Walsh, 30 June
Elizabeth Weatherhead, 16 June

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