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A Change in Charitable Giving Procedures for 1995

There will be some major changes in the charitable contributions fund drive for UCAR, NCAR, and UOP this year. Perhaps the most significant is the addition of Community Shares of Colorado to complement the United Way campaign. This means that employees can now choose to donate to United Way and/or Community Shares of Colorado. As always, employees have the option of donating by payroll deduction or check.

The mission of Community Shares of Colorado is to promote informed participation in charitable giving at the work place. Community Shares is a coalition of nonprofit agencies that work together to raise money through payroll deduction in the work place. Ninety percent of donations goes directly to member agencies that help people in need, advocate human rights causes, create constructive social change, promote cultural awareness, and protect our environment.

While Community Shares of Colorado is new to our institution, it has worked for the community since 1985. The UCAR Management Committee (UMC) approved the addition of Community Shares in order to expand and diversify the charitable giving choices offered to employees. Some of the member agencies of Community Shares in Boulder are the Parenting Place, Eco-Cycle, the Native American Rights Fund, and the Rocky Mountain Peace Center. Other member agencies in Colorado are Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, the Adoption Centre, the Gathering Place (a day shelter for homeless women and children), and New Foundations Nonviolence Center. A complete list of member agencies will be included in the donation packet.

Although Boulder County United Way's mission remains to help the community meet its human service needs, they have implemented several changes within their organization. This year the Boulder County United Way is focusing on three impact areas: basic and emergency needs, child and youth development, and health and rehabilitation. As a donor, you can contribute to all three impact areas, any individual area(s), any single United Way agency, or any other nonprofit agencies except those which are exclusively political or religious (in other words, the agency must have 501(c)(3) status). Donation packets will include a listing of United Way-funded agencies. Eighty-five percent of donations goes directly to agencies and programs in Boulder County.

UCAR has also changed campaign procedures. Instead of a United Way Campaign Committee, fundraising efforts will be organized by Susan Montgomery from the UCAR President's Office with the help of last year's committee cochairs, Rachel Ames and Kay Miloshevich. This year employees will receive a donation packet by the first week of September. Employees are asked to return the donor choice cards to Susan within two weeks of receiving them. Please be sure to provide all information on the donor choice cards, including your name and employee identification number. As always, this information will remain confidential and will be used only for arranging payroll deduction and confirming donations. Contact Susan (ext. 1653), Rachel (ext. 8377), or Kay (ext. 8472) with any questions.

We hope that these changes in charitable fund-raising efforts allow you greater flexibility in giving back to the community. Thanks for your support.

Rick Anthes
UCAR president

Bill Pennell
UOP director

Bob Serafin
NCAR director


Below is a complete list of Boulder agencies for Community Shares of Colorado and a sampling of county United Way agencies. Note that your contributions to both programs--or to any of their agencies--are fully tax- deductible, since all of the agencies have 501(c)3 status.

Community Shares of Colorado
Boulder County Hospice
Boulder Energy Conservation Center
Family Learning Center
Humane Society of Boulder Valley
KGNU 88.5 FM/Boulder Community Broadcast Association
Land and Water Fund of the Rockies
Native American Rights Fund
Parenting Place
Rocky Mountain Peace Center
Women's Source

Boulder County United Way (partial list)
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Boulder County Safehouse
Boulder Day Nursery Association
Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
Center for People with Disabilities
City of Boulder Children's Services
Community Food Share
The Counseling Center
First Call for Help
Meals on Wheels (Boulder and Longmont)
Peoples' Clinic
Special Transit

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