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New Hires

(left to right)
Timothy Bowen, student assistant III with Occupancy Pool. FL2 room 1035, ext. 8544.

Patrick Dills, associate scientist III with COMET. FL2 room 1019, ext. 8339.

Geoffrey Cheeseman, budget analyst with NCAR Director's Office. ML room 518, ext. 1106.

Jumin Chen, student assistant I with OFPS. UN room 175, ext. 8987.

(top row, left to right)
Michael Read, student assistant III with ATD. FL1 room 2136, ext. 8765.

Leslea Davison, student visitor with CGD. FL2 room 2020, ext. 8113.

Jun Zeng, scientific visitor with ACD. ML room 477, ext. 1489.

Manish Marwah, student assistant III with Unidata. UN room 170, ext. 8662.

(bottom row, left to right)
Susan Foster, project administrator with WORI. UN room 270, ext. 2108.

William Howard, performance assurance and configuration manager with ACD. ML room 250, ext. 8066.

Catherine Blake, student assistant III with ATD. FL1 room 2161, ext. 8764.


Rebecca Baum, secretary with VSP. UN room 125, ext. 8627.
Maurice Blackmon, director of CGD. ML room 213A, ext. 1389.
Charles Cross, student assistant I with ASP. ML room 314, ext. 1376.
Chris Fair, network engineer III with Occupancy Pool. ML room 42A, ext. 1810.
Ming Liu, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. NOAA, (301)763-8396.
Marcel Lesieur, scientific visitor with ASP. FL3 room 3045, ext. 8173.
Zhan-Qian Lu, postdoctoral fellow with CGD. ML room 600B, ext. 1705.
Sarah Martin, scientific visitor with HAO. FL3 room 2029, ext. 8320.
Alexander Praskovsky, scientific visitor with RAP. FL1 room 2168, ext., 8834.
Cindy Russell, software engineer/programmer with HAO. FL2 room 3063, ext. 1571.


William Bonner, 31 May
Richard Gagnon, 26 May
Mike Hoswell, 26 April
Jean Johnson, 31 May
Elizabeth Law-Evans, 31 May
Li Li, 12 May
Richard Lindenmoyer, 24 May
Yubao Liu, 24 May
Raymond Lord, 31 May
Larry Scott, 24 May
Qingyun Zhao, 10 May

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