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Results of the Ergonomic Contest

Several dozen staff rose to the challenge posed in the May issue of Staff Notes. We ran two photos in conjunction with an article on safety at UCAR. Readers were asked to identify "Mr./Ms. Safety" (top) or to name at least four ergonomic problems depicted (bottom).

Photo of Mr. Safety
Ergonomic problems photo

Most of the respondents correctly guessed that Mr. Safety was Rick Anthes, says contest organizer Ginger Hein of Health, Environment, and Safety Services. Other guesses included Steve Sadler, John Orlando, Scott Norris, and Ginger herself.

"I was really proud of the caliber of replies in the ergonomic contest," says Ginger. "All we asked for was four no-nos, and we typically got six or seven. The people who responded really knew their stuff." The problems illustrated by Dale Kellogg, executive assistant to the NCAR director, included:

* too high a monitor
* no document holder
* reference paper at wrong height
* nonergonomic chair
* twisted posture
* legs crossed
* cradling phone on shoulder
* no wrist rests for keyboard or mouse
* right arm stretched to reach mouse
* poor lighting
* mouse at different height than keyboard

Ginger's favorite response was, "Dress should not clash with office decor." She gives a big thank-you to both Dale and Rick for being good sports in the name of health and safety. --BH

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