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Egg Drop Scoop: NCAR Team a Smash Hit, Victorious at Last!

The Bixby School Egg Drop Team Mascot, Eyes-Egg Newton, volunteered to cover this year's Egg Drop Contest. The following is Eyes-Egg's summary of the day's events. The day dawned dark and foreboding for the Ninth Annual Egg Drop, but the weather came out sunny-side up just in time for the afternoon contest and the first ever victory for NCAR. The percentages were Bixby, 35 percent success rate, and NCAR, 45 percent--as reported by this year's statisticians, Bixby students Graham Andrews and Keely Rew, daughter of Juli Rew (SCD) and Russ Rew (Unidata).

Photo of Keely Rew Keely Rew, one of the 1995 statisticians, follows in the computational footsteps of her parents, Russ and Juli Rew.

Historeggcal reggcords were shattered and it was NCAR's day in the sun. When all the shells were counted at the Ninth Annual Egg Drop on Friday, 12 May, the yolk was on Bixby as NCAR emerged as the clear winner. Congratulations to the NCAR team are in order for a smashing performance.

NCAR's victory was highlighted by the best weather since the very first egg drop in 1987. Brian Bevirt (SCD) was again master of ceremonies. The weather wizards put on a great show, even without the atmospheric pyrotechnics that have often made this event a real adventure. The NCAR team's repertoire included a flying pig, a watermelon, a crashing Cray computer model, and an eggzotic water-filled entry called "Wise-Egg Newton's Elevator."

Launch photo of E. BenedictMid-flight photo of E. BenedictPhoto of judges giving E. Benedict thumbs-down

Bill Bradley gives a boost to "E. Benedict, the Flying Pig." The porcine parcel became ham and egg when it hit the patio, prompting the thumbs-down signal from judges Frank and Siri Flocke. Still, "E. Benedict" won a Most Eggscellent award for its creators, David and Christopher Elmore. (All photos by Carlye Calvin.)

The Bixby team had some eggciting successes, too. "The Wild Thing," a green glider, floated eleggantly to a soft landing. "Palominegg" had an unusual parachute that doubled as a propeller. The Bixby space shuttle "Challegger" delivered its payload safely.

The beautiful plaza looked like a giant omelet in the making when it was all over. Bixby students helped scrape up the shells and promised renewed effort for next year's drop. The stage is set for a real eggstravaganza then. As the tenth annual event, it will surely be a show of deceggdance.

Photo of egg drop audience

Squinting and shading by audience members demonstrates that this year's egg drop was sunny instead of soupy.

The Winners

Most Eggsploded

Bixby: Ryan Patch, second grade, "Speggship"
NCAR: Carlye Calvin (Photographics) and sons Justin and Michael Watt, "Jurassic Egg"

Most Eggological

Bixby: Amy Motomura, fourth grade, "Dodeggahedron"
NCAR: Ed Eller, Roger Hendershot, and William Bradley (ACD), "Wise-Egg Newton's Elevator"

Most Eggscellent

Bixby: Katie Constantine, fourth grade, "Spider"
NCAR: David Elmore, HAO, and son Christopher, "E. Benedict, the Flying Pig"

Photo of Chris Elmore and trophy

Christopher Elmore took home a Most Eggscellent trophy.


To show their good sportseggship, Bixby students delivered a giant congratulatory card to the Mesa Lab with the following poem:

You really did a fine job
At Egg Drop Number Nine;

You put on a great show,
Complete with sunshine!

We like to play at your house;
It's always lots of fun.

We hope you know by now, to us,
You're always Number One!

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