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New Hires and Departures

New Hires

Photo of New Hires
(left to right)
Joan Westerfield, editorial assistant with ACD. ML room 593A, ext. 1852.
Shannon Andrews, administrative assistant with JICP/PO. UN room 100, ext. 8687.

Other New Hires

Stephen Augustine, graduate research assistant with ASP. ML room 282, ext. 1601.
Linda Carbone, outreach assistant with ISS. UN room 330-3, ext. 8612.
Darren Gallant, student assistant III with OFPS. UN room 140, ext. 8987.
Paul Ginsburg, editorial assistant with ACD. ML room 593A, ext. 1852.
Evelyn Smith, secretary with JICP/PO. NOAA, 301-427-2089.
Thomas Warner, scientific visitor with RAP. FL2 room 2086, ext. 8411.


Fang-Ching Chien, 7 April
Robert Crawford, 12 April
Meghan Cronin, 30 April
Joseph Doetzl, 25 April
Richard Grotjahn, 23 April
Alexander Praskovsky, 14 April
Scott Sewell, 26 April
James Stowell, 28 April

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