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One Last Contract for Bob Greenwald: Retirement

Bob Greenwald. (Photo by Bob Bumpas.)

In February 1963, a young businessman not long out of Arizona State University came to NCAR to work in the fledgling contracts department. This month Bob Greenwald concludes 32 years of steady service in support of NCAR and UCAR, the last six of those as director of Contracts and Risk Management.

"I've done a myriad of things here," says Bob. Most of his roles have been in the realm of purchasing and contracting, although he did serve two years as head of Human Resources during the mid-1970s. In his most recent post, Bob oversaw the rapid expansion of contractual arrangements involving NSF as well as a wide range of non-NSF sponsors of NCAR research and UCAR programs.

"The workload has increased significantly over the past few years," Bob notes. "The increase has been handled partly by adding staff, but also by hard, dedicated work from all of the people in Contracts."

Field programs, in particular, have become more multidisciplinary and multi-institutional than ever. Bob recently returned from a week in Tasmania working with staff from UCAR's Joint International Climate Projects/Planning Office on logistical arrangements for the first Aerosol Chemistry Experiment. (More than 50 people on site will be studying the relatively pristine air over Tasmania in November and December.)

Along with his off-site assignments, Bob has sampled the full range of on-site workplaces. "I started at RL-2 [on 30th and Marine Streets], then went to RL-3 until the Mesa Lab was finished. I worked there for a while, then went back to 30th Street, then to 55th and Arapahoe, and finally to FL-1."

Bob is that rarity, a Denver-area native. His only substantial length of time living outside Colorado was during his college years in Tempe, Arizona. Bob commuted to NCAR from Northglenn for many years, finally setting up residence in Boulder in 1975. He plans to stay put for now. With his youngest stepson graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley this month, "I don't have any college tuition to take care of. That makes the financial end of retirement a bit easier."

As one of the few employees from the early 1960s still on board, Bob has gotten to know plenty of staff. "The best thing about NCAR is the people--too numerous to mention--wonderful, wonderful folks. That's the hardest thing to leave behind."

Among other diversions, Bob will spend his post-UCAR time keeping in touch with his son and daughter-in-law, a stepdaughter and two stepsons, and a granddaughter and grandson. He's also got a rottweiler and a black Labrador retriever. "I want to find and train a pointing dog, hopefully soon enough to take it out into the field for the fall hunting season.

"I plan to do all those things that you plan to do someday. For me, someday has arrived." --BH

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