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New Hires and Departures

New Hires

Photo of New Hires
(left to right)
Brenda Miner, human resources administrator for HR. FL2 room 1019, ext. 8718.
Janice Brown, administrative secretary with COMET. FL3 room 1056, ext. 8338.

Photo of New Hires
(clockwise from upper left)
Dennis Ward, author/programmer with COMET. FL3 room 1065, ext. 8345.
Wynn Klosky, editorial/production assistant with UCAR Communications. UN suite 330, ext. 8616.
Joel Harris, computer operator with MIS. FL2 room 2057, ext. 8889.
Lisa Lorusso, clerk typist with ATD. FL1 room 2131, ext. 8769.

Other New Hires

Timothy Barnes, education and tour program assistant with the NCAR Director's Office. ML room 135, ext. 1169.
Vivek Hardiker, visiting scientist with VSP. Naval Research Laboratory, (408)656-4734.
Heidi Krapfl, student assistant II with ACD. ML room 020, ext. 1458.
James Lawless, visiting scientist with WORI. UN suite 270, ext. 2119.
Sonya Legg, postdoctoral fellow with VSP. UCLA (310)206- 2829.
Brett Maddex, student assistant II with COMET. FL3 room 1051, ext. 8355.
Momcilo Markus, visiting scientist with UOP. NOAA Office of Hydrology, (301) 713-0640, ext. 157.
Sara Martin, visiting scientist with HAO. FL3 room 2029, ext. 8320.


Laurence Anderson, 28 February
Robert Andzik, 14 December 1995
Linda Bath, 3 March
Chyrlann Brunner, 15 February
Beverly Carlin, 2 March
Stephen Delp, 3 March
Todd Dughman, 21 February
Kevin Gallagher, 24 February
Julie Hall, 3 March
Charles Hewitt, 16 February
Alan Hills, 28 February
Cicely Ridley, 24 February
Jacqueline Schoendorf, 24 February

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