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New Hires and Departures

New Hires

Photo of New Hires
(clockwise, from left)
Cynthia McCombs, administrative secretary with Unidata. UN room 170, ext. 8678.
Aaron Sigut, postdoctoral fellow with HAO. FL2 room 3053, ext. 1575.
Laura Stoltz, software engineer II with RAP. FL2 room 2089, ext. 8489.
Jinxue Wang, associate scientist III with ACD. ML room 392A, ext. 1436.

Photo of New Hires
(standing, left to right)
Zhongwei Zhu, postdoctoral fellow with HAO. FL2 room 3054, ext. 1586.
Kimberly Leka, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. FL2 room 3104, ext. 1508.
Julia Lee-Taylor, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. ML room 288C, ext. 1636.
(seated, left to right)
Scott Palo, postdoctoral fellow with HAO. FL2 room 3070, ext. 1564.
Laura Ferraro, software engineer I with COMET. FL3 room 1065, ext. 8350.

Photo of New Hires
(left to right)
Deborah Martin, PC support with UNAVCO. UV suite 10, garden level, ext. 8032.
John Allison, postdoctoral fellow with HAO. FL2 room 3053, ext. 1575.

Other New Hires

Kevin Anderson, student assistant III with RAP. FL2 room 2110, ext. 8394.
Andrew Bush, postdoctoral fellow with Visitings Scientists Program at Princeton University. (609) 258-5683.
Joshua Foster, visiting scientist with NOAA (301) 589-5747.
Mark Henneberry, student assistant III with HAO. Fl2 room 3043, ext. 1563.
Rash Khasravi, graduate research assistant with ACD. ML room 569, ext. 1481.
Robert Parkin, student visitor with ESIG. Fl2 room 2020, ext. 8113.
Laurie Rokke, associate scientist III with ACD. ML room 398, ext. 1449.


Lisa Chambers, 20 January
Ana Escarcega-Macaya, 13 January
Kathryn Hillman-Schuler, 13 January
Karl Kneisel, 12 January
Alyssa Krissen, 17 January
Sara Martin, 22 December 1994
Valentin Martinez-Pillet, 16 December 1994
Don Morris, 27 January
Judith Oeltjenbruns, 20 January
Joshua Seiden, 20 January
David Shafter, 13 January
Yu Wang, 13 January
Mary Willmarth, 27 January
Michael Wright, 13 January

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