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Rene Munoz Takes the Delphi Reins

Photo of Rene Munoz
Rene Munoz. (Photo by Bob Bumpas.)

Newly elected Delphi Service coordinator Rene Munoz is ready for your questions. Rene is the nominee selected by staff in a run-off election last month. As coordinator, she will forward all submitted questions in confidence to an appropriate responder. Questions and answers that are deemed of general interest to staff by the questioner and Rene will be included in This Week at UCAR, the weekly news service for staff. (This Week is distributed by e-mail, Gopher, and the World Wide Web; hard copies can be perused at the ML and FL reception desks.)

Rene prefers that you send Delphi questions to her home address (see the Boulder phone book). "If you do send them interoffice," she asks, "please make sure they're in a sealed envelope marked 'personal'." Be sure to include your home address. If you're interested in Delphi history, Rene maintains a summary of all questions asked, including those not distributed in This Week. The log includes question number, dates of question and response, the general topic, and responder's (but not questioner's) name. For more details on the Delphi service, check policy 1-1-13 in the UCAR Policies and Procedures Handbook or contact Rene, ext. 1173, munoz@ucar.edu. --BH

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