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New Hires and Departures

New Hires

Photo of New Hires
(clockwise, from left)
Gregory McFarquhar, associate scientist II with MMM. FL3 room 3027, ext. 8948.
T. Mike Chin, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. ML room 279, ext. 1623.
Timothy Rucker, electro/mechanical technician II with ATD. FL1 room 2113, ext. 2062.
Vanda Grubisic, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. FL2 room 2114, ext. 8447.

Photo of New Hires
(front row, left to right)
Ramon Roth, systems administrator II with UNAVCO. UN suite 370, ext. 8035.
Roger Hendershot, engineer IV with ACD. ML room 023, ext. 1488.
Douglas Lindholm, software engineer with CGD. ML room 214, ext. 1347.
Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, postdoctoral fellow with ASP. ML room 274, ext. 1691.

(back row, left to right) George Williams, software engineer IV with SCD. ML room 44E, ext. 1843.
Sara Martin, visiting scientist with HAO. FL3 room 2029, ext. 8320.
Rebecca Ruttenberg, secretary with HAO. FL2 room 3113, ext. 1527.
Christina Tidd, clerk/typist with the Roberts Institute. ML room 259, ext. 2694.
Kathryn Hillman-Schuler, administrative secretary with UNIDATA. UN suite 170, ext. 8678.
Tressa Fowler, visiting scientist with RAP. FL2 room 2027, ext. 8373.
Sherwood Wang, visiting scientist with COMET. FL3 room 1009, ext. 8347.

Other New Hires

Graham Barnes, graduate research assistant with HAO. FL3 room 2070, ext. 1548.
Beverly Lynds, director of Skymath with UCAR. UN suite 145, ext. 8654.
Kimberly Watters, accounts payable technician with Finance. FL1 room 2036, ext. 2133.
Zhongwei Zhu, postdoctoral fellow with HAO. FL2 room 3054, ext. 1586.


Jeffery Berry, 19 December
Axel Brandenburg, 30 November
Andrea Colpitt, 1 August
George Curtis, 27 December
William Davis, 15 December
Martin Edrendorfer, 31 December
Richard Gallup, 27 December
Robert Garramone, 21 November
Robert Heichelbech, 30 September
Frederick Kelly, 4 December
Stacy Long, 30 November
Warwick Norton, 30 November
Brennan O'Neill, 12 December
Philippe Peylin, 31 December
Irina Petropavlovskikh, 3 December
Dale Smith, 21 November
Sabrina Speich, 14 December
Carol Stimmel, 18 November
Jian Tan, 27 October
Jodi Wiemer, 12 December

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