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New Hires and Departures

Photo 1 of New Hires
(left to right, bottom row)
Cathleen Halvorson, general staff with Food Services. FL2 cafeteria, ext. 8545.
Cydney Perrone, asssistant with Human Resources. FL2 room 1014, ext. 8710.
Lara Ziady, administrative secretary with the Roberts Institute. FL3 room 1056, ext. 2104.
(left to right, top row)
Fred Woodley, network technician III with SCD. Room to be determined, ext 1808.
Stephen Morgan, financial assistant with JCP/PO. UN room 100, ext. 8689.
Edward Kennelly, postdoctoral researcher with HAO. FL2 room 3070, ext. 1564.

Photo 2 of New Hires
(left to right)
Denise Fay-Dombrowski, staff architect with the Occupancy Pool. FL2 room 1036, ext. 8537.
Kenneth Keelan, student assistant II with HAO. FL2 room 3040, ext. 1513.
Elizabeth Gold, administrative secretary with UCAR. FB lobby, ext. 1673.
Stephen Drake, software engineer II with COMET. FL2 room 1038, ext. 8356.
Charles Perry, secretary with JICP/PO. UN room 100 ext. 8683.
Madelynn McCowan, food services and utility worker with the Occupancy Pool. ML kitchen, ext. 1146.

Other New Hires

Shardut Agrawala, sector analyst with the Joint International Climate Projects/Planning Office. IPCC Technical Support Unit, Washington, D.C.,, 202-651-8264.
Michael Jones, student assistant III with HAO. FL2 room 3099A, ext. 8321.
Richard Wellborn, aircraft mechanic/crew chief with ATD. Room and ext. to be determined.


Robert Bowie, 14 October
John Downing, 1 October
Wayne Green, 28 October
Scott Herod, 31 August
Katherine Holcomb, 28 October
David Keith, 3 October
Gabriel Vazquez, 27 September
Robert Weingruber, 21 October

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