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Highlights of the Symposium

At the symposium honoring Joach Kuettner, a number of guests paid tribute to the distinguished scientist, pilot, and key figure in some of the worldÕs largest atmospheric-science field programs over the past 35 years. The symposium was organized by Karyn Sawyer (Joint International Climate Projects/Planning Office) with help from JICP/PO's Chuck Perry and Deborah Bernard. Below are the speakers, topics, and the role each speaker has played in JoachÕs varied and illustrious career. Click here for a photo of Karyn and Joach at the symposium.

Jay Fein, Pam Stephens, and Richard Greenfield, NSF
Greenfield participated in the winter MONEX; Fein joined the summer MONEX and CEPEX, and both Fein and Stephens were involved in ALPEX and CEPEX. Fein moderated the second day of the symposium.

Ruby Krishnamurti
"Turbulence in Ocean and Atmosphere"
A participant with Joach in GATE and MONEX, Krishnamurti is an oceanographer with Florida State University/Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute.

T.N. Krishnamurti
"Monsoons--El Nino"
Professor of meteorology at Florida State University, Krishnamurti was the chief atmospheric scientist for MONEX.

Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon
"Sport Flying and Atmospheric Sciences"
Orleans-Borbon, a cousin of the current King Juan Carlos of Spain and vice president of the International Gliding Commission, joined Joach for a motorized glider experiment in the Himalayas in 1985.

J. Shukla
"Sub-Sahara Drought: Natural Variability or Irreversible Climate Change?"
Shukla, who directs the Institute of Global Environment and Society in Calverton, Maryland, participated in the summer MONEX.

V. Ramanathan
"The Greenhouse and Super Greenhouse Effect and Cirrus Thermostat"
Director of the Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Ramanathan was chief scientist for CEPEX.

Manfred Reinhardt
"Observation of Contrails: Yesterday and Today"
Former director of the German Institute for Atmospheric Research, Reinhardt is currently the president of the International Scientific and Technical Organization for Gliding, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. He participated in ALPEX.

Joanne Simpson
"Long-Time Interaction between Two Cumulus Addicts"
Simpson, chief scientist for meteorology at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, worked with Joach on GATE, MONEX, and many other field projects.

Igor Sitnikov
"Interest in Tropical Meteorology in Russia and Some of the Latest Results"
Sitnikov, head of Russia's tropical dynamics laboratory, cowrote the GATE experiment design with Joach and English scientist Norman Rider.

Bernard Vonnegut
"Thunderstorm Electrification: Present Views"
A distinguished professor emeritus at the State University of New York at Albany, Vonnegut first encountered Joach in 1950 when he began studying thunderstorms and found JoachÕs articles. They have exchanged views and ideas ever since.

Peter Webster
"Global Scale: Hydrological Processes and Circulation"
Director of the Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at CUÐBoulder, Webster was the chief atmospheric scientist for the TOGA-COARE field experiment. He moderated the symposium's first day.

Ed Zipser
"Memories of GATE"
Head of the Department of Meteorology at Texas A&M University and a long-time NCAR scientist, Zipser was the chief scientist for U.S. participation in GATE.

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