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July-August 2008

“The Hundred Languages of Children”

Childhood education exhibit stops at NCAR

cildhood education exhibit

A childhood education exhibit from Italy is on display at the Mesa Lab and Center Green.

NCAR and Boulder Journey School are collaborating to host “The Wonder of Learning—The Hundred Languages of Children,” an exhibit that showcases how children engage naturally in the learning process and how this in turn can nurture independent and creative thinking.

Components of the exhibit, which is free and open to the public, will be on display at both the Mesa Lab and Center Green from June 30 to October 20. Afterward, the exhibit embarks on a five-year tour of North America.

The Hundred Languages of Children was conceived and fabricated in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The schools in this region are renowned for an innovative philosophy toward preschool and primary education that developed after World War II. The approach encourages children to take control of the direction of their learning, making discoveries through their senses, environment, and interactions with others. Founders of the approach believe that children have a hundred ways—speech, art, play—to express themselves and communicate.

The exhibit, which includes extensive displays, invites visitors to use audio, video, and interactive features to explore the Reggio Emilia approach to childhood education.

“We’re thrilled to be the first North American host of this incredible education exhibit,” says EO exhibits manager Linda Carbone, adding that NCAR collaborated with Boulder Journey School in 1998 to bring the older edition of the exhibit to Boulder. “The new exhibit is bigger and bolder,” she says.

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installing exhibit panel

Exhibit designers from Italy and staff from Boulder Journey School install one of many exhibit panels at the Mesa Lab.















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