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Clouds and rainbow from a recent road trip to New Mexico (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Staff Notes Monthly

Volume 43 July-August 2008

Eric Barron has come full circle. He started his career at NCAR in the 1970s when he applied for a summer fellowship—and surprised himself by getting it. He later left NCAR to join the university community. Now, he’s once again gazing at the Flatirons from his office window, this time as NCAR’s new director.

Eric comes to NCAR from the University of Texas, where he was dean of the Jackson School of Geosciences and held the Jackson Chair in Earth System Science. He replaces Tim Killeen, who has accepted a position as director for geosciences at NSF.

A geologist by training, Eric came here on a Cray Supercomputing Fellowship in 1976 while pursuing a graduate degree in oceanography at the University of Miami. He became a postdoctoral fellow and early-career scientist, leaving NCAR in 1985 to return to UM as an associate professor. He was then dean of Pennsylvania State University’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences before his move to Texas.


eric barronEric Barron.

norma valdez

Rising fuel, food prices affect operations
Along with everyone else, UCAR/NCAR is feeling the pinch at the gas station and grocery store, with the ­shuttles, cafeteria, security, and other ­services facing higher costs. More >

kids recycling

Child Care Center earns green recognition
The UCAR Child Care Center is the first among its Colorado peers to be certified through the Eco-Healthy Child Care (EHCC) program. More >

installing exhibit panel

“The Hundred Languages of Children”
NCAR and Boulder Journey School are collaborating to host “The Wonder of Learning—The Hundred Languages of Children,” an exhibit that showcases how children engage naturally in the learning process. More >

soars studens and mentor

A day in the life of a SOARS protégé
You’ve seen them around campus: friendly young faces boarding the shuttles, lunching together in the cafeteria, and borrowing blue bikes. More >

kevin petty

Connecting science and the media
According to recent polls, 90% of scientists think that few members of the press understand the nature of science and technology. More >


Short Takes
An overview of projects throughout the organization. More >



SOARS protégé Ian Colon shot this photo of a butterfly during a photography workshop at Sawhill Ponds presented by UCAR photographer Carlye Calvin.

More photos taken by SOARS protégés