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Clouds and rainbow from a recent road trip to New Mexico (Photo by Carlye Calvin.)

Staff Notes Monthly

For the people of NCAR, UCAR, and UOP Vol. 42, #1, December 2007 - January 2008

Measuring the Arctic’s haze and smoke

NCAR researchers investigate air pollution, climate change

The Arctic is often perceived as a pristine place, located as it is far from the world’s smokestacks. And yet its atmosphere serves as a receptor for air pollution from the industrial regions of North America, Europe, and Asia.

The reddish-brown soup of pollution that peaks in late winter and early spring even has a name—Arctic haze. During the summer, smoke from wildfires joins the mix.

This spring and summer, NCAR researchers from ESSL/ACD and EOL are supporting a NASA field project to investigate the chemistry of the Arctic’s lower atmosphere. Their objective is to identify how air pollution contributes to climate change in the region and learn more about why the Arctic’s climate is changing so rapidly.


open water near Barrow, AlaskaNASA’s DC-8 research aircraft casts a shadow on snow and open water near Barrow, Alaska, during the first phase of ARCTAS in April. (Photo by Jane Peterson, National Suborbital Education and Research Center, University of North Dakota.)

Yuhong Fan

NCAR names three new senior scientists
The UCAR Board of Trustees appointed three new senior scientists in May. Senior scientists provide NCAR with long-term scientific leadership. More >

bluefire computer

Bluefire burns hot - with less energy
In May, CISL installed a new IBM supercomputer that significantly increases NCAR’s computing power. More >

dragon on roof

Researchers study monsoon in Taiwan
About 20 NCAR researchers, led by Wen-Chau Lee (EOL), are in Taiwan at various points this month for the Terrain-influenced Monsoon Rainfall Experiment (TiMREX) field campaign, which runs May 15–June 30. More >

Greg Byrd

Random Profile
Every other month, Staff Notes Monthly spotlights a staff ­member selected from the phone directory.This month we profile Greg Byrd in COMET. More >

Mexico City

Short Takes
An overview of projects throughout the organization. More >


UCAR readies new financial management tools
For two years, a team of staff from across UCAR, NCAR, and UOP has been defining requirements for a suite of new financial management tools. As a result of this work, FinTools is taking shape. More >


ISSE finds new home in RAL
In May, NCAR dissolved SERE (Societal-Environmental Research and Education Laboratory) in the face of prolonged budget stress. More >

delphi Delphi questions
PayFlex, space guidelines, severe weather alerts. More >

Beth Holland

Beth Holland (ESSL/ACD) rides to work in style. June is Colorado Bike Month, featuring Bike to Work Day on June 25. More than 100 locations across the Boulder-Denver area will offer free breakfasts, refreshments, and prizes to participants during the morning commute. The UCAR cafeteria is also giving $1 credits to staff for each day of walking, biking, or taking public transportation during the week of June 23–27.

For more information, visit www.fin.ucar.edu/sustainability/events.html.