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May 2008

Eat, drink, and sync: the recipe for a classic Spring Fling

Staff converged at Center Green on May 2 for the annual Spring Fling celebration. Sponsored by the Employee Activities Committee (EAC), the party included a lip sync competition, live music, food, and other fun.  This year’s event, dubbed the Spring Fling Classic, marked a return to the traditional lip sync after last year’s “Center Green Idol” takeoff, although some non-sync acts were included as well.

Five groups entered the competition, hosted by CISL’s Brian Bevirt (below left). In keeping with past years, there was repeated and blatant bribing of judges, which paid off as every entry won an award.  The well-compensated judges were (below right) Reta Lorenz (ESSL/ACD), Emily Doremire (ESSL/CGD), and Tina Arthur (EO).



The first act, fittingly, was “Who’s on First?” a rendition of the classic Abbott and Costello routine by Peter Thornton (ESSL/CGD) and Craig Hartsough (ESSL/ACD).  The two had tried the same routine at the 2002 Spring Fling but were thwarted by sound-system problems.


A team of CGD staff entertained the crowd with a mild strip tease to the tune of Jill Sobule’s global-warming–themed “Manhattan in January.”  Pictured below are (left to right) Lesley Smith, Cecile Hannay on guitar, Andrea Sealy, and Masha Tsukernik, and (far right) Jerry Olson.  Afterward, ACD staff used a PowerPoint display to bring the Grateful Dead’s “Sugar Magnolia” to life.



The UCARolers, who typically serenade staff at the year-end holiday party, presented an original ode to outgoing NCAR director Tim Killeen.  The song, “Killeen Led Softly,” was based on the 1973 Roberta Flack hit “Killing Me Softly with His Song” (see lyrics in sidebar below).  UCARolers pictured below are Nancy Wade (HR), Mary Haley (CISL), Andrea Sealy (ESSL/CGD), Carl Drews (ESSL/ACD), Inger Gallo (RAL), Craig Hartsough (ESSL/ACD), Carol Park (DIR), Lesley Smith (ESSL/CGD), and Helen Moshak (ESSL/HAO).  Not pictured:  Anita Monk-Ryan (F&A).


The Spanish Language Club brought a bilingual flair to the party with a live performance of Rodolfo Sciamarella’s “Himno de las Américas.” the official anthem of the Day of the Americas holiday (April 14). The singers included (left to right) Marina LaGrave (EO), Donna Bonetti (DIR), and Carol Makowski (RAL).


To learn more about what kinds of events and activities staff would enjoy, the EAC conducted a survey at the party.  Those who completed the survey were eligible for three door prizes awarded at the party:  a glider flight for two, a one-hour massage, and a set of Rough Guides on weather and climate change autographed by Bob Henson (Communications).

After the performances, Event Services unveiled a spread of nachos, wings, and other finger foods. UCAR’s own Nasal Ridge Pickers provided bluegrass and Americana tunes, with help from a few external colleagues.  The group included (below, front row, left to right) John Hernandez (CISL), Nan Rosenbloom (CGD), and Bruce Green.  Other members included Jeff Alipit, Linda McGinley, and Ed Snyder (all CISL) and non-UCAR musicians Tim Eubank and Dave Hill.



Killeen Led Softly
by the UCARolers

Summing up plans with his metrics
Handing out funds for our work
Killeen led softly with his style,
Killeen led softly with his style,
StraTEgically PLANning our outcomes,
Killeen led softly with his style...

We heard he was a leader,
We heard he had a style.
And so he came to Boulder to lead us for a while.
And there he was this young man,
a stranger to our eyes…

Summing up plans with his targets
Handing out funds for our work
Killeen led softly with his style,        
Killeen led softly with his style,
Rushing from meeting…to meeting,
Killeen led softly with his style...

We got another building,
We added HIAPER flights,
He brought in lab directors to smooth the budget fights.
Some thought that we were finished,
but he just kept right on...

Summing up goals and priorities
Handing out funds for our work
Killeen led softly with his style,
Killeen led softly with his style,
Get on his SHEDule…if you can,
Killeen led softly with his style...

He guided us through hard times,
Through every bitter trial.
And now we see he’s leaving, if only for a while.
If he should come back some day,
he'll find us poised and strong…

Summing up plans and their outcomes,
Looking for funds for our work
We'll keep on going for a while,
Killeen led softly with his style,
We're optimistic…with this style
We're walking softly…NCAR style.


Spring Fling Videos. (More coming soon.)

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