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May 2008

“The Stories Clouds Tell” gets a facelift

The stories clouds tell Peggy LeMone

Peggy LeMone.

“However you choose to watch the sky, you’ll encounter fascinating stories being told by the clouds overhead,” writes Peggy LeMone (ESSL/MMM) in the newly updated version of “The Stories Clouds Tell,” her guide to cloud study originally published in 1993.

The booklet features photos of cloud types and illustrations of cloud formation, and answers questions such as how much clouds weigh, how they form, and what they tell us about the airflow and different kinds of weather.

In the new version, Peggy’s original drawings have been updated by Mike Shibao (formerly of the Image and Design Center and now a freelance designer), and a section about contrails has been added. A drawing done by Peggy’s daughter, Sarah, when she was 10 years old is also included. UCAR photographer Carlye Calvin’s cloud photos grace the cover. Other UCAR/NCAR staff who contributed photos and expertise are Bob Henson (Communications), Roberta Johnson (EO), and Sandra Henderson (EO).

Peggy developed a fascination with weather as a child growing up in Missouri. “Missouri has such great weather,” she says. “Well, I don’t know if everyone would call it ‘great,’ but it’s severe and interesting.”

An observational meteorologist, she studies the behavior of large, organized storm systems. She became NCAR’s first female senior scientist in 1992.

“The Stories Clouds Tell” was originally produced as part of Project ATMOSPHERE, an educational initiative of the American Meteorological Society. The 32-page booklet is available in the NCAR Science Store for $9.95.•

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